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Real Estate Spotlight: Quincy MA

Quincy MA Located on a beautiful seafront, Quincy MA is fast becoming a place for people to move. There has been a major increase in the number of young adults, aka millennials in particular, deciding to move to Quincy. While the median age is still around 38 years old, more people in their late twenties and early thirties are becoming intrigued by the area. This is probably because it is just a short train ride from Boston, an area widely regarded as one of the great arts and historical cities of the USA. There is plenty to keep you entertained in Boston, but Quincy is the major drawcard. So what is the draw that is getting making Quincy so popular with today’s Generation X? Is it their Love the Outdoors?   That’s one compelling reason to move to Quincy MA. Abounding with parks and green spaces, not to mention a lovely coastline, the town offers many outdoor activities. Boating around the 22 miles or so of coastline is one for the watersport fanatic. Parks are safe and green for family outings, and there are basketball courts where you can while away your down time with your friends. The Blue Hills around Quincy is a fantastic spot for running and hiking, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Culture and History of Quincy?   If culture and history are a draw for you, you might want to consider the value that Quincy has to offer in that department. It is of course home to Presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams and the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy preserves the homes of both. You can learn about five generations of the Adams family when visiting the park, and that doesn’t include Morticia!  The Josiah Quincy House is well worth a visit as well to learn about this important revolutionary soldier and the impact he had on the American Revolution. More military history and insights can be gained from the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum. This museum offers the visitor a wonderful opportunity to get up front and personal with all things American Navy. It showcases some of the most important U.S. naval ships, and there is lots to take in about the lives of sailors and SEALS. If you want a real experience of naval life, get adventurous and spend a night on the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Salem as part of the overnight adventure program. If that is not enough of the water for you, you can always take a relaxing boat ride on the Harbour Express. It goes all the way around the Boston Harbour and you can soak up wonderful views of the exquisite Massachusetts coast. Restaurants and Nightlife in Quincy   Other things to do in Quincy include a gastronomic experience in Quincy MA, with a number of great eating spots to try out. Gunther Tooties is signaled as one of the good breakfast spots in town. For dinner try the Fours. Locals report the food to be […]

Real Estate Around Wilmington NC

  Wilmington NC Real Estate If you are looking to move to a part of the country that offers a wide variety of lifestyles within a small geographic footprint, real estate in and around Wilmington NC should be on your short list. On the southeastern coast of North Carolina, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River, lies the city of Wilmington, along with Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach. With a river, an island and three beaches, this area is a mecca for all things related to quality coastal living. Southern ambiance and a rich history are also still visible in the area’s historic sites, museums, and the now 230+ block National Register Historic District. Searching For A Home Around Wilmington Searching for homes for sale online can be an overwhelming process.  With hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate websites delivering some level of listing inventory in and around Wilmington, how do you know which to use? Local real estate brokers have a unique and distinctive advantages over the nation-wide real estate sites.  The home search options of local real estate brokers have direct access to the MLS.  This lets them show you the most up to date listings, as soon as they hit the market.  You won’t see any expired listings or incorrect pricing information on the local broker sites either, because of that direct connection to the MLS. A Little History The Cape Fear River, named for its “rough waters and foreboding shoals” was originally explored in 1524 by the French explorer Verrazano. The first permanent settlement did not occur until 1725 with the creation of Brunswick Town, the first capital of the colony of North Carolina from 1726 to 1776. Later incorporated in 1899, Wrightsville Beach, once a summer retreat accessible only by boat and steam train before WWI, now flourishes with restaurants, shops, marinas, and resorts. Carolina Beach, incorporated in 1925 and Kure Beach, incorporated in 1947, are to the south, boasting their own historically-rich and cultural landmark pieces. Historic Downtown Wilminton Part of Historic Downtown Wilmington is the refurbished WWII Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, serving as a memorial for the 11,000 North Carolinians who died during the war. A self-guided tour features nine levels of living spaces, mess decks, gun turrets, powder storage, a sick bay, and more. There is also an Exhibit Hall and Observation Deck. View more of downtown from the water by riverboat or catamaran cruises. Take a carriage ride into culture on old brick streets to the sounds of jazz and beach music festivals, as Wilmington embraces a combination of influences from both the historic past and present. Today the Downtow Wilmington area is rich with attractions and things to do, including the Riverfest celebration October 7-8. Wine and beer events, along with the self-guided Wilmington Fall Wine & Beer Walk in September, happen annually. Restaurants and breweries, featuring a landed barge bar and grill and a pub on the Cape Fear River, as well as coastal-themed breweries and island tiki bars are always open for an exciting and rich […]

8 Easy Tips For Homebuyers

Tips for home buyers   Buying a home can be a scary process.  Working a real estate deal can be overwhelming, whether you are buying or selling a home.   REALTORS know all of the secrets. Here are 8 tips for home buyers: Watch your money moving. For three to six months prior to purchasing your first home, it is best not to make any huge purchases, move your money around to different accounts, or open and new credit cards. Lenders are looking to make sure you’re reliable and all of these are red flags. Bigger isn’t always better. Your eye might get caught by the biggest, newest, prettiest house on the block. But be warned: bigger is usually not better when it comes to houses. Sometimes the worst house on the block per square foot trades for more than the biggest house. Don’t be over emotional. You cannot be tempted by your emotions in every aspect of a home. You might fall in love with certain things, but you’re going to end up heart broken. You may love the yard and wrap around porch, but the lot butts up to a busy mall. Trust your instincts with a home. It’s an investment, so stay calm and be wise. Give your house a full check over. Hire a home inspector. This cannot be stressed enough. Spend around $200, but the third-party inspector will let you know about potential thousands if there’s something wrong Pay attention to the neighborhood. Before you buy, know where you’re buying.  Many homebuyers have realized that they love their home, but find that the neighborhood wasn’t for them. Drive by the house at different times, check the school zones, find out where the nearest grocery store is, and check the crime rates. Make a list of items to check: Make tons of copies of a checklist of your must-haves, nice-to-haves and other essentials. Bring them to every home you visit and take lots of pictures. This way you’re making sure the home is right for you. Budget for everything: You aren’t just paying principal, interest, taxes and insurance. Figure the costs of utilities, upgrades and repairs, commuting. Look beyond the staging: Staging is done for a reason: It works. Homes look far better when they’re staged. Always mentally try to remove the staging. Pay more attention to the layout of the house and the structure itself, because when you buy the home, the staging doesn’t come with it.  

Real Estate in Granbury Tx

Granbury Texas Just about a half-hour south of Dallas is the city of Granbury, Texas, renowned for waterfront real estate that includes both riverfront and lakefront homes for sale. Granbury is historic city and now offers some of the best waterfront real estate in the Dallas region.  Here are a few communities you are encouraged to check out.  .      Harbor Lakes Homes for Sale If you’re considering buying a home in Granbury, if your budget permits, one of the first places I’d suggest to look is Harbor Lakes.  A master-planned community at its best, Harbor Lakes includes such upscale housing as sprawling mansions and million dollar estates.  For home buyers on a lower budget, you can also get lower priced homes, as low as two hundred thousand, just further away from the water.  Harbor Lakes includes what is considered by many as Granbury TX’s best golf course, Harbor Lakes Golf Course.  If you live in Harbor Lakes, you’re living an exclusive lifestyle, one that provides all the best life has to offer.   Mallard Pointe  Mallard Pointe has a great country living experience, unique from many others.  Lots are all one acre or larger, flawlessly manicured, complete with numerous majestic native Oak and Cedar trees intentionally preserved to provide a more unique sense of living in connection with real nature.  Mallard Pointe …. a place for pride in life.  There is an abundance of park, golfcourse, and  lakefront property in Mallard point, which also features a community marina.  Many properties have beautiful views.  Truly a great place to call home.     Pecan Plantation  Here at Pecan Plantation, homes range from the ultra-luxurious, including mansion estates, ranches and farms, to beautiful single family homes and modern condominiums.  Vacant lots are still available for anyone interested in building a custom home.  Pecan Plantation offers fantastic river frontage on the Brazos River and is considered by many as the best community in Granbury.  As a private community, access is allowed through two checkpoints where community security is maintained.  Pecan Plantation has some of the best offerings of any community in the Granbury TX area that icludes shopping, golfing, boating, and its own airstrip!   Timber Cove  Loving life is what Timber Cove and The Lakes living is all about.  Minutes from the highway, gated communities and luxury .living await.  This is a great place for someone who wants to live in Granbury, but with as close of a drive to the big city as possible.  Here you will find fantastic neighborhoods that balance a closeness to the lake and the city, both at the same time. With homes for sale ranging from highly affordable to highly desirable, this is where to go to find the best Granbury has to offer, both here at Timber Cove & The Lakes.  

10 Things Your REALTOR Doesn’t Want You To Know

  Realtor Secrets! Selling a Home is Easy Real Estate has changed since the internet.  There are some REALTOR secrets that your real estate agent doesn’t want you to know.  If a home is properly priced for the existing market conditions and is clean, it will sell with little to no effort.  In fact, the paperwork, photography, and data entry alone are more work than the actual selling of your home.  Websites like Zillow dominate the internet, so as long as your home is posted there, the whole world can see it.  It’s worth noting, posting a home for sale in Zillow is free.   More “Buyer’s Agents” than you think Don’t Know What They’re Doing Let me back up slightly, first. What I’m about to write is not intended to discredit any honest-to-goodness, really good Buyer’s Agent, because a really good Buyer’s Agent has skills that few REALTORS possess.  With that being said, many rookie real estate agents start out working with buyers first.  Buyers are easier to locate, and being a logical first place to start, it’s where most new REALTORS cut their teeth. Experienced Listing (or “Seller’s) Agents really dislike this, because it requires a lot of hand-holding with the inexperienced Buyer’s Agent… but yet they earn the same or more than the more experienced, skilled agent.  Our system tries to avoid that. Working with a rookie real estate agent in any capacity is full of potential pitfalls, and while many times the duty of the Seller’s Broker is usually the highest, but they’re often paid the lowest.      Commissions are ALWAYS Negotiable Despite popular opinion, real estate commissions are not set by “the market” or the law.  Real Estate commissions are ALWAYS negotiable, and you SHOULD attempt to negotiate a lower commission if you think it’s reasonable.  Selling a home is a big deal, but so are REALTOR’S commission fees.  I’ve seen many a homeowner decide not to sell simply because they could not afford the REALTOR’S commission.  So, unless you’re working with a Discount Real Estate Broker, selling your home can be terribly expensive.    Listing Commissions are Way Too High While I’ve always argued that a Listing Agent’s duty is the highest of all in any sales transaction, the commission is still too much money for what the job entails.  Selling a home does require the most experienced and competent REALTOR you can afford, but if you’re using a Discount Real Estate Broker, that same guy isn’t as expensive as everyone thinks he is.   Most Buyer’ Broker Commissions are Also Way Too High This follows our principle that most real estate commissions are already too high anyway – not to insult one specialty more than the other.  Again, while this may not apply to the experienced Buyer’s Agent, but when you’re new, finding buyers is always easier than finding sellers.   Even Though Realtors May Work For The Same Company, There is Always Internal Agent Competition. I learned this early in my days working for a big-box brokerage. […]

How To Start out A Home Based Business

How To Start out A Home Based Business Owning your very own home based business enterprise can be a terrific supply of delight. It can be incredibly gratifying to have a business that you have constructed on your very own. This post can give you essential facts to aid you with your house business enterprise. A superior business enterprise owner is constantly searching for methods to make improvements to. Make a listing of all of the community bulletin boards and retain bulletins of your dwelling business posted there. You will uncover bulletin boards at grocery retailers, gas stations, consignment outlets, and several other areas all over the area you live. Laundry mats are significantly superior areas. You under no circumstances know when that a single announcement will carry in your best buyer! A good property-centered organization thought to take a look at is affiliated’s advertising. As organization turns into much more technologically dependent, the options for virtual income, persons are limitless. Simply obtain a niche you love, and start out signing up to be an affiliate. Market companies and travel revenue to existing websites. It is a pretty straightforard business enterprise program. Open up a checking account that is specifically for your company use. Do not mix your personal finances with your small business. Make absolutely sure that all monies relevant to your endeavor are processed through the new account. Open up a company connected credit history card and use that for your bills as an alternative of your particular cards. If you have young ones at home and you need to be caring for them although you work, you can need to have to find a property business that is not going to have you on the cell phone with customers or fast paced for hrs at a time. Look at getting a virtual assistant who is only accessible by e-mail or IM. The Internet is Important For Any Home Based Business Use an consideration-grabbing title for your websites domain. There are many different websites and you want to make confident that yours stands out from the rest. A catchy identify can be the ideal thing to get site visitors to your website, it will be quick for a potential purchaser to recall and straightforward for them to accessibility. Settle for credit rating cards. Make confident both equally your on the net web page and property foundation have the ability to get credit rating card payments. You can do this by acquiring established up with a lender, or even by acquiring a single of the new attachments for cell telephones that operate the credit score card facts right away to your financial institution. Tips To Get Started A great tip for your dwelling small business is to be certain to do all the study you can to lessen the value of products for your products. This is essential mainly because often periods you can conserve a large amount of cash by locating a superior wholesale seller to order your products from. For […]

Scams that Target Renters: Avoid these Rental Scams

Scams that Target Renters: Avoid these Rental Scams Rental scams have been around for decades, and sadly, they don’t appear to be going anywhere. Here are some of the most common scams that target renters. Landlord Foreclosure Scams   If an owner has failed to make his payments, is served with a foreclosure notice and has vacated the property, he is expected to surrender the right to rent the property out. But out of desperation or spite, some resort to scamming unsuspecting renters instead. The landlord foreclosure scam involves renting the home out, pocketing the deposit and first month’s rent, and skipping town before anyone notices. This leaves the bank to deal with the new renter, who is often asked to leave because there is no lease that the lender will honor. It doesn’t matter where the bank is located; they will find out that the tenant is not the owner when the sheriff knocks on the door, thinking he is going to evict the owner. He will contact the bank, and because there is no lease and their client is gone, they will evict whoever is living on the property. Fake Landlord Scams This rental scam long pre-dates the housing crisis. It involves con men assuming “ownership” of seemingly abandoned homes, advertising them for rent and collecting rent from the new tenants for as long as they can. Many times, homes that are owned by out-of-state landlords are the most vulnerable real estate properties for this kind of activity. As is the case with all rental scams, the occupants will eventually be evicted, whether or not they knew anything about the scam.  Many of these types of scams are rampant on websites like Craigslist.  To search for properties for sale and rent that are less likely to have scams, visit your local real estate broker’s website.   The Slumlord Scam This one is also as old as time. When a property is flagged for building code violations, including those pertaining to the safety of tenants, the tenants do not always necessarily know about it. Often, they are told by county officials who come to inspect the property. They may end up being evicted, all because their landlord did not want to pay for repairs to the building. This rental scam is most common in urban apartment complexes, but it can happen anywhere.   Avoid Problems The best way to avoid any of these rental scams is to find your home through a qualified real estate broker who has experience in Property Management.  Management companies usually verify ownership of the properties they manage, so it’s more than likely that you’d be safe renting from them.  They keep records of all transactions and all documents relating to the property, so if a problem ever arose, you’d be guaranteed to have copies of everything.  While there’s nothing wrong renting from a good owner, property management companies can frequently give you better and/or faster service than a regular landlord.  

What to do in Case of a Late Rent Payment

What to do in Case of a Late Rent Payment Late payments are a constant in Property Management.  There are a couple of things you can do upfront to avoid late rent payments from your tenants. The most important thing you need is a late rent fee policy. This late fee should be uncomfortable but not totally unreasonable. If the dollar amount is too high, a judge will ultimately throw it out in court. Most property management companies don’t want to make it too easy for tenants to pay rent late. At one point, we started with a very low late fee and then raised the dollar amount with each day the rent was late. We found a lot of tenants continued to be one or two days late with their rent because they knew how many days they could afford to be late. We changed the policy to make the late fee high enough that our tenants have an incentive to pay the rent on time. We have also shortened the amount of time that late rents accrue, so even being one day late has become more expensive. Have a Collections Policy You also need to adopt a sound collections policy. You can call someone about the late rent, but that does not always work because people will purposely avoid your phone calls when they know you are calling about late rent. Our process starts with a phone call and then follows up with an email. The email escalates in its urgency and wording. The first email might be a nice reminder that rent is due and we have not received it yet. Then, we get more serious and remind the tenants that the rent needs to be paid or there will be repercussions. Give a 3 Day Notice It is always possible to issue a 3 Day Notice. We like to give the tenants the chance to bring in rent, but we don’t want to give them so much time that they live in the property for free while we begin the process of filing a 3 Day Notice. Sending the notice to tenants will often get their attention. Even if they do not understand the full legal requirements of the 3 Day Notice, they tend to get scared and bring in their rent. Keep Track Finally, we always keep track of the reasons we get for late rent. This helps us notice repeat offenders and the excuses they make. Our accounting department tracks all of this information, and we have found the same tenants are paying late again and again. Reasons are usually the same as well, so by tracking this information we can politely explain to the tenant that certain issues seem to be preventing the timely payment of rent more than once. It works for us and it helps us ensure our property owners are not taken advantage of.   If you have any further questions on how to avoid late rent payments, please contact us, […]

Options for Starting a New Business

Starting a New Business Many people dream of owning their own business and working from home or their own personal office.  When individuals go out to start a new business, they quickly find out how expensive of a process starting a business can be.  Some options that are commonly looked at when evaluating how to be your own boss are: Franchise Opportunities Franchise opportunities range dramatically in start up prices from McDonald’s to a Jani King franchise.  Most franchise businesses will require some level of initial investments ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 depending on who you are looking at.  In addition to your initial investment, the mother franchise company will take a small percentage of your overall sales.  In most instances, you will also buy your products and advertising from the franchise company. Retail Establishments Retail establishments have always been a good option for new businesses, but with the world of the internet, it has become a little more challenging.  People today are less likely to walk into a bricks and mortar store for a major purchase as they will shop online.  Small boutique retail shops dont just have to compete with the internet stores, but the large big-box retail outlets such as Walmart.  On the other hand, if you have a passion for something specific and its not sold in big boxes and its something that may need some level of counseling to the buyer, it can still work. Restaurants If you love to cook and you dont mind working ALOT, a restaurant is always a good option.   Acquiring the physical building in a good location can become expensive.  In addition to the costs of the new building (whether it be a lease or a purchase) you will need to purchase the amenities of the restaurant such as tables, chairs, freezers and so on.  Lastly, you will need to pass inspection of the local health inspectors office which can be a very stressful process in itself.  Restaurants, are one of the most common start ups to go out of business in the first two years of operation. Construction Companies If you are good with your hands and have the tools, starting a small construction company is one of the most common small business around.  To properly start a construction company you will need to be licensed and bonded as well as be able to sell yourself.  Many people look at the construction industry as simply building stuff, but you need to GET the contract from someone before you can build anything.  Lastly, getting paid can be challenging for some new construction businesses.  Be prepared to understand the ins and outs of placing a construction lean on a property if you client doesn’t pay. Becoming a Real Estate Agent Becoming a real estate agent is one of the least expensive options for becoming your own boss.  The barrier or entry is relativity low and the payoff can be very high.  If you are a social persona and know everyone, this […]

Bringing Your Business Online

Bringing Your Business Online By today’s standards, its extremely challenging to show that you are a legitimate business without having some sort of on-line presence.   Many people think that you only need a professional website if you are selling something on the web.  This is no longer the case.  As a matter of fact, the majority of websites currently on the web are NOT e-commerce style websites.  They are not directly selling anything. Branding Your Business Today, people are leveraging their websites to provide branding for growing their business.  Simply the ability to have a potential client Google your business name, and having a controlled result, is extremely important.  Your website is now the place to explain your value proposition and explain why a someone should use your product or service.  Your website should stay consistent with your companies branding, with your company colors and logo as well as a solid, well written “about us” page where you really have a chance to define your company. Social Media Social media has taken the world by storm.  Regardless if you find any value in common communication on social media outlets, it is all but guaranteed your customers do.  It has been proven that most people today would do business with a company that has been recommended on social media before they would be swayed by even the most produced and professional commercial or professional advertisement.  That means that not only should your business have accounts on all of the major social media platforms, but you should monitor social media to see if your company is being mentioned.  This can be a powerful tool for finding a past client that may have had a bad experience and turning them into a life-long client. Combining Social Media With Your Website Social media and your company website should go hand in hand.  Not only should your social media accounts promote your website, but your website should let your customers share content from your site as well as follow you.  If you find yourself creating new content and posting it on your website, its very important to also share that content on all social media accounts.  This gets your blog post read by potential clients and drives traffic to your website. Automate Your Social Media Since staying active on social media accounts can be a very time consuming thing, you may choose to look into automating your social media accounts.  There are multiple services that let you stack and schedule your social media posts, so you can devote an hour or two a week, get everything loaded and scheduled and let the posts flow out at predetermined times.  One of my favorite products for scheduling and automating social media is Buffer.  Buffer has options for a free account as well as paid versions if you need to schedule more posts or have a multitude of accounts. Search Engine Optimization One important aspect of bringing your business online is the ability for your new website […]