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Real Estate Spotlight: Quincy MA

Quincy MA

Located on a beautiful seafront, Quincy MA is fast becoming a place for people to move. There has been a major increase in the number of young adults, aka millennials in particular, deciding to move to Quincy. While the median age is still around 38 years old, more people in their late twenties and early thirties are becoming intrigued by the area. This is probably because it is just a short train ride from Boston, an area widely regarded as one of the great arts and historical cities of the USA. There is plenty to keep you entertained in Boston, but Quincy is the major drawcard. So what is the draw that is getting making Quincy so popular with today’s Generation X?

Is it their Love the Outdoors?


That’s one compelling reason to move to Quincy MA. Abounding with parks and green spaces, not to mention a lovely coastline, the town offers many outdoor activities. Boating around the 22 miles or so of coastline is one for the watersport fanatic. Parks are safe and green for family outings, and there are basketball courts where you can while away your down time with your friends. The Blue Hills around Quincy is a fantastic spot for running and hiking, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

Culture and History of Quincy?


move to Quincy MAIf culture and history are a draw for you, you might want to consider the value that Quincy has to offer in that department. It is of course home to Presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams and the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy preserves the homes of both. You can learn about five generations of the Adams family when visiting the park, and that doesn’t include Morticia!  The Josiah Quincy House is well worth a visit as well to learn about this important revolutionary soldier and the impact he had on the American Revolution.

More military history and insights can be gained from the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum. This museum offers the visitor a wonderful opportunity to get up front and personal with all things American Navy. It showcases some of the most important U.S. naval ships, and there is lots to take in about the lives of sailors and SEALS. If you want a real experience of naval life, get adventurous and spend a night on the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Salem as part of the overnight adventure program.

If that is not enough of the water for you, you can always take a relaxing boat ride on the Harbour Express. It goes all the way around the Boston Harbour and you can soak up wonderful views of the exquisite Massachusetts coast.

Restaurants and Nightlife in Quincy


Other things to do in Quincy include a gastronomic experience in Quincy MA, with a number of great eating spots to try out. Gunther Tooties is signaled as one of the good breakfast spots in town. For dinner try the Fours. Locals report the food to be “amazing”. If you are after a livelier dinner experience, you could always head down to The Water Club. Great cuisine mixed with an urban club feel, it is reported to be a “New York-style club” in the middle of Quincy.

Is it the Good Real Estate Prices in Quincy?


Aside from great culture and scenery, living in Quincy is reported to be great. The median home prices in Quincy show that although it is not the cheapest town in the US, it is fairly priced for the Massachusetts real estate market. If you are looking for homes for sale in Quincy you can expect to see much lower prices than in nearby Boston MA.  The median house price is $351 800, while rentals in the area are on an average of $1250 per month for a one bedroom apartment. Average income is around $64,155 which gives you an idea of where you can afford to stay. The area offers a great deal of good options for any any income level which is yet another reason why this area is such a draw to many.  If you are looking to purchase a home in Quincy MA – look over our 8 tips for home-buyers.  

Is it the Great Schools in Quincy?

The quality of a school system has a large impact on the draw for families.  Most home-buyers are looking to purchase a home in an area where their children can get a good education.  It has been proven over and over that the quality of a school system has a major impact on the real estate.  The quality of the schools in Quincy do play a part in the overall draw to the area.  The first class public schools in Quincy mean that families do not need to pay for a private school education, thus making the real estate in Quincy even more affordable.

Is it the Great Neighborhoods in Quincy?


Neighborhoods in Quincy vary but are generally lovely, young and oriented towards the start-up family life.  If its the beach you are after, you can’t go wrong with Houghs Neck. Resplendent with four beaches and lovely views this is a beach-lovers paradise. However, the locals are after one great product of Boston – lobsters. Houghs Neck, called the “Neck” by the locals, is famed for its lobster and fresh seafood. It’s also a very close-knit community. So if waves and community are what you are about, consider calling Houghs Neck home.

welcome to quincy

welcome to quincy

If you like a quiet corner, then Montclair may be the place for you. Residents say it is quiet and calm and is one of the more Asian neighborhoods in Quincy MA. Once tracts of farmland, now boarded by a golf course and an office park, it is a peaceful place to settle down in the area. Due to the presence of the MBTA rail lines, it is also highly convenient for commuters.

Whatever it is, Quincy Seems to Be the Place to Be.


No matter where you look at Quincy MA, it is definitely a trending city. Beautiful coastal vistas, plenty of history, and safe neighborhoods make it an ideal choice for those looking to settle down. From nature parks to basketball courts there are plenty of things to do in Quincy, and you are sure to fall in love with its charm.